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Re-kindling the Spark

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Every year many thousands of pupils being to learn a musical instrument, which is fantastic.  What is less fantastic is that a similar number of pupils will also quit their lessons each year.  It is this second group of pupils that I most want to meet.  I am confident that with a clean slate, and a fresh approach, many children who are in danger of "giving up" will be able to enjoy making music for several more years.  Whilst not every child is destined to go all the way to Grade 8, I firmly believe that anyone can learn to play an instrument up-to Grade 5 with the right support and encouragement.

​So, what's the secret?  Really, there is no magic, it's a matter of getting to know each child.  Why are they having lessons, what music do they like? How do they learn? Is there an un-diagnosed learning difficulty hiding in the background? What are their goals for music, and in their life in general?  In short, what makes them tick.  Only once a teacher has been able to answer all these questions will they be able to tailor their approach to help the pupil reach their potential.  You cannot expect a pupil to adapt to a rigid one-size-fits-all approach.  This is even more important where a child has any kind of learning difficulty.

​I urge you to give your child/ yourself a second change with music lessons.  If they were really keen for lessons to being with, and their existing teacher has failed to kindle and ignite their interest, let's see if we can find that initial spark again, combine it with some fresh kindling and see how big it will grow.

If you or your child has ever had a spark of interest in music, I've got the kindling.  It's never too late to find that spark again, it's just there waiting for the right conditions in which to burst into flames.  I want as many people as possible to re-kindle their love of music, that's why I am a music teacher.  I have the right knowledge, experience, expertise and technology to give that spark the best possible change of ignition.

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