COVID Update May 2022

At the time of writing there are no government-imposed restrictions placed upon us in relation to COVID-19, it is up to us as individuals to make our own decisions in relation to social distancing etc.  As a business owner and as mother I feel it is my responsibility to have measures in place to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus within my home to protect my pupils, their families, and my family.  As such I am pleased to present my current COVID-19 measures.

If anyone does develop symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for the virus, but are still well enough to have a lesson, these lessons can be conducted online via Zoom.  My usual 24-hour notice policy applies, namely lessons cancelled with more than 24 hours noticed can be carried forward/rearranged, but the fee for any lesson cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice is forfeited.

COVID infographic.PNG