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COVID Update February 2023

Although the COVID outbreak is fast becoming a distant memory I have retained some of the measures I put in place during the outbreak.  For example you may notice that I usually distance myself from my pupils for more of their lessons.  I do occasionally move closer to pupils for example to mark their sheet music or to play duets, but I still have a tendency to maintain a 1-2 metre distance for most of the lesson.  I have also continued my tendency to keep windows open in my teaching room.  I clean my Keyboard, music stand and door handles regularly as these are high contact points.  You will also be encouraged to use hand gel at the start of your lesson.

As I am teaching in my home and there are lots of people from different schools and communities coming in and out of my home on a regular basis I do feel a responsibility to continue to take some precautions even if it is just to prevent common colds spreading.

If you are showing symptoms of COVID I am more than happy to conduct lessons online as a substitute for an in-person lesson.  My usual 24-hour notice policy applies, namely lessons cancelled with more than 24 hours noticed can be carried forward/rearranged, but the fee for any lesson cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice is forfeited.

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